Who the heck are The Humbuddies?

In brother harmony style, this father and son duo will sing you through the evolution of acoustic music, from early country, through bluegrass and swing to contemporary folk. They’ll have you tapping your toes, wiping your tears and singing along.

The old man of the band, Bill, Pops or should we now say Gramps, grew up awash in music whether singing along with Grandma by the piano or playing trumpet duets with father Howard. The journey flowed along through a mix of the choirs, bands and musicals, before eventually cascading into the world of harmony driven bluegrass some 20 years ago.

Pops couldn’t be any more delighted or proud to share the love of music with his son Nico. From his early days on fiddle, to bass, vocals and mandolin, Nico has developed into an accomplished touring musician, recording artist and songwriter.

The duo’s tight harmonies have been heard at festivals across Western Canada in their previous five piece bluegrass band Nomad Jones, alongside Miles Zurawell, Craig Korth and Byron Myhre.

Nico has toured internationally and has had the opportunity to share the stage with acclaimed musicians such as Jeff Scroggins, Greg Blake, Jesse Brock and Chris Luquette to name a few.

The duo is currently finishing up the band’s first recording, “Humbelievable”, a collection of classic songs and originals.